MEATER+ Charger

MEATER Plus Charger (No Probe)

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Boosts Bluetooth Range Up to 50m

The MEATER Plus charger has a built-in Bluetooth repeater to give your original MEATER extended Bluetooth range. Use your original MEATER probe to pair with the upgraded charger, leave the charger close to the cooker, and your phone pairs to the charger in an open-air Bluetooth environment. Ideal for outdoor grills and smokers.  

Probe NOT included. Charger only.


  • Built-in Bluetooth repeater.
  • Compatible with original MEATER probe.
  • Includes 1x AAA battery.
  • Made of bamboo.
  • LED light indicates AAA battery health when the probe is in the charger.
  • LED light indicates probe and charger connection when the probe is out of the charger.
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    Same MEATER, plus sized range

    How it works

    Up To 50m Range With Any Cooker


    Kettle grill

    Gas grill




    MEATER Plus Charger (No Probe) CA$103.20

    In the Box

    1x MEATER Plus Charger
    1x Quick Start Guide

    Probe not included

    MEATER Plus Charger (No Probe) CA$129.00 CA$103.20